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English Definitionat once; right away; only; just (emphasis); as early as; already; as soon as; then; in that case; as many as; even if; to approach; to move towards; to undertake; to engage in; to suffer; subjected to; to accomplish; to take advantage of; to go with (of foods); with regard to; concerning
Simplified Script
Traditional ScriptSame
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (介) preposition, (副) adverb
Sample Sentences
  • ①我⑴这⑴{就}⑴走⑩。
    I'm going to go.
  • ①这⑴{就}⑶对了⑩。
    Now that's right.
  • 试试看!
    Just you try!
  • 等一会儿。
    Wait just a moment.
  • 在转角处。
    It's just around the corner.
  • 差点对了。
    That's almost correct.
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