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主语zhǔyǔsubject (in grammar)
受试者shòu shì zhěsubject (in an experiment); participant (in a clinical trial etc)
臣民chénmínsubject (of a kingdom, ruler etc)
话头huàtóusubject (under discussion); thread (of an argument)
话题huàtísubject (of a talk or conversation); topic
学科xuékēsubject; branch of learning; course; academic discipline
题目tímùsubject; title; topic
subject; course; class; lesson; to levy; tax; form of divination
臣下chénxiàofficial in feudal court; subject
臣子chénzǐofficial in feudal court; subject
臣属chénshǔofficial in feudal court; subject
主题zhǔtítheme; subject
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