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YellowBridge Technical Checklist and Diagnostics

Our website should run without any additional setup on most current browsers and computers. However, if you are having problems using the website, please read the rest of this page. Please not that this page is also an online diagnostics tool. The green or red comments in the Remarks section are generated dynamically based on the specific data in your browser in order to help you resolve any problem you may be experiencing.

# Requirement Remarks
1 Current version of an HTML5 compatible browser.

Automatic website grabbers and ad blockers are strictly prohibited by our Terms of Service.
We recommend the current versions of Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Most other browsers with up-to-date support for HTML5 should also work. We do not use Java or Flash.
2 JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
3 At least one traditional Chinese and one simplified Chinese font must be available on your computer. On most computers, the necessary fonts come pre-installed with the system but may need to be installed. If the expected and the actual columns match (except for font differences), you are all set.
Chinese Script Ex­pect­ed Actual
Tradi­tional 中國
Simpli­fied 中国
4 Cookies must be accepted by your browser. Many features of this site will not work without cookies.
5 Audio. There no additional requirements for audio. If you have a supported browser and have JavaScript enabled, it should just work. If you are not hearing audio sounds from our Chinese word pronunciation feature, make sure that you can hear audio correctly from other programs, such as by playing a song or accessing YouTube. If that works, then you may click on the speech balloon to test whether the word huānyíng is pronounced.
6 If you plan to print our flashcards, you will need a PDF viewer. A PDF viewer is either provided by your operating system or you can freely download one from Adobe. The PDF viewer in some cases may download additional Chinese fonts. To see whether you have the necessary software and fonts, click on the following links. There are four pages in each sample. If you can view the resulting pages, you are all set. If you can't, please download the necessary PDF viewer or fonts until you can view them correctly.
7 If you want to be able to type in Chinese characters, you must have a Chinese input method. You don't need to be able to enter Chinese characters to access most of the website. An input method is a small helper program that lets you enter Chinese characters by typing in the pinyin sound of the word (or some other technique) and then offers you characters that match that sound. On most modern computing devices, an input method is already available but may need to be turned on. Following installation of the input method, you should see a small icon in the taskbar showing the current language (e.g. "EN" for English). Whenever you want to type in Chinese characters, simply click on this icon and select Chinese. The icon will then show "CH". Type in the pinyin for the character or phrase. You won't need to enter the tone number. Use the letter "v" when you need to enter a "ü". A list of words matching the pinyin will appear as you type. You may select the right match by clicking on the matching word or typing its sequence number.

If after meeting all of the above requirements, you still believe you have found an error on our site, please continue to our Support page.