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English Definition
(副) As an adverb
  1. Once.
  2. Once.
  3. Once.
Part of Speech(副) adverb, (连) conjunction, (名) noun
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一次yīcìfirst; first time; once; (math.) linear (of degree one)
曾经céngjīngonce; already; former; previously; ever; (past tense marker used before verb or clause)
一旦yīdànin case (something happens); if; once (something happens, then...); when; in a short time; in one day
从前cóngqiánpreviously; formerly; once upon a time
有一次yǒu yīcìonce; once upon a time
céngonce; already; ever (in the past); former; previously; (past tense marker used before verb or clause)
一但yīdànif; in case; in a short time; once
一下yīxià(used after a verb) give it a go; to do (something for a bit to give it a try); one time; once; in a while; all of a sudden; all at once
一度yīdùfor a time; at one time; one time; once
chángto taste; to try; to experience; already; ever; once
děngclass; rank; grade; equal to; same as; to wait for; to await; et cetera; and so on; et al. (and other authors); after; as soon as; once
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