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Part of Speech(介) preposition
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zhāomorning; dawn
cháoimperial or royal court; government; dynasty; reign of a sovereign or emperor; court or assembly held by a sovereign or emperor; to make a pilgrimage to; facing; towards; abbr. for 朝鲜 Korea
xiàngtowards; to face; to turn towards; direction; to support; to side with; shortly before; formerly; always; all along; (Chinese surname)
致力于zhìlì yúto be devoted to
有助于yǒuzhù yúto contribute to; to promote
对于duìyúregarding; as far as something is concerned; with regards to
大约dàyuēapproximately; probably
将近jiāngjìnalmost; nearly; close to
朝向cháoxiàngtoward; to face; to open onto; to turn towards; orientation; exposure; Qibla (Islam)
xiàngdirection; orientation; to face; to turn toward; to; towards; shortly before; formerly
bènto go to; to head for; towards
chòngpowerful; vigorous; pungent; towards; in view of
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