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English Definitioncrafty; cunning; sly
Simplified Script狡猾
Traditional ScriptSame
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Sample Sentences
  • ①他⑴是⑴一⑴只⑶{狡猾}⑴的⑸老狐狸⑩。
    He's a crafty old fox.
  • ①许多⑸政客⑸都是⑶{狡猾}⑴的⑸诡辩家⑩。
    Many politicians are cunning sophists.
  • 那个狡猾的人纯粹是个骗子。
    This crafty man is nothing but a crook.
  • 人们说,狐狸比其他动物要狡猾
    People say that the fox is more cunning than other animals.
  • 别相信他,他像老狐狸一样狡猾
    Don't trust him, he is a sly old fox.
  • 皮特好像设了狡猾的圈套要陷害你。
    Peter seems to have set a cunning trap for you.
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