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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Marked by skill in deception.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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狡猾jiǎohuácrafty; cunning; sly
淘气táoqìnaughty; mischievous
偷偷摸摸tōutōu mōmōsurreptitious; sneaky
油猾yóuhuásly; slick
guǐsly; crafty
诡诈guǐzhàsly; treacherous
奇谲qíjuéstrange and deceitful; sly; treacherous
诡谲guǐjuéweird; sly; treacherous
鬼计多端guǐ jì duōduānfull of devilish tricks and cunning stratagems (idiom); sly; crafty; malicious
jiǎocrafty; cunning; sly
piǎocunning; crafty; sly; wily; artful, vigorous; strong
cunning; crafty; sly; sily; artful
cunning; craft; sly; wily; artful, bright; wise
guǐghost; demon; terrible; damnable; clever; sly; crafty; sinister plot; (suffix for somebody with a certain vice or addiction etc); one of the 28 constellations
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