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[Sanzi Jing]

Three-Character Classic: A Confucian Roadmap for Kids

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Paragraph 5: Exhortations

Original Translation Commentary

The dog guards the night;
the rooster proclaims the dawn.
If, negligently, you do not study,
how can you become people?

The silkworm produces silk,
the bee makes honey.
If one does not study,
what is the use of being human?

When young, study;
when grown up, perform.
Influence the sovereign above,
benefit the people below.

Make a name for yourselves;
honor you father and mother.
Shine light on your ancestors,
bring prosperity to your descendants.

People bequeath to their children
chests full gold.
I teach children,
only one classic.

Diligence has merit;
play has no advantage.
Guard against it;
exert your strength.

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