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YellowTipThe YellowBridge web site is powered by our own YellowTip annotator. YellowTip parses the text into the component words and annotates the text such that the words' pronunciation and translation are displayed as a popup as you move the cursor over the word. This feature is especially useful for those who are learning Chinese but don't have a sufficient vocabulary to be able to read a paragraph without resorting to the dictionary every few words. And if you have ever attempted to do this with the help of a Chinese-English dictionary, you'll really appreciate this feature.

To use this feature you need to be running Internet Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 browser or later. To see the Translator in action, simply move your cursor over the Chinese characters below.

Simplified text ⑤今天晚上⑴我⑴去⑴了⑴图书馆⑶念书⑩。 ①明天⑴我⑴得⑴去⑴学校⑴考试⑩。
Traditional text ⑤今天晚上⑴我⑴去⑴了⑴圖書館⑶念書⑩。 ①明天⑴我⑴得⑴去⑴學校⑴考試⑩。

You should see a small popup window similar to the one shown in the picture at the top.

Additionally, by clicking on the desired word, you can cause the full YellowBridge definition to be displayed in a separate window, which would give you access to a list of related words, character etymology, stroke order, etc.

With YellowTip, the translation and phonetic information is only displayed as needed. This just-in-time translation is very unobtrusive while being instantly helpful for beginning Chinese readers.

There are two ways to access YellowTip: