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Chinese Mysticism Online Yi Jing (I Ching) Oracle

This fully automated oracle is fun and easy to use but is 100% faithful to the techniques and principles handed down across three milennia. This wizard performs all of the tedious computation and customizes the Yi Jing text to show only the relevant paragraphs.

How to Use

  1. Enter your question in the field below. Concentrate soulfully on the question. Do not mock the oracle.
  2. Click on the Toss Coin button below six times. Do not rush it. Each toss builds a line in the hexagram.
  3. You will get one or two hexagrams as your answer. (If there are two hexagrams, the one on the left represents the current situation, which is evolving into a new situation represented by the hexagram on the right. The green lines in the left hexagram are the "moving" lines that change from yin to yang, and vice versa, to form the hexagram on the right.)
  4. Click on the View Text link to view the detailed text for each hexagram. Interpret the text in the context of your question.

The Oracle

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