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English Definitionsoft; flexible; supple; yielding; rho (Greek letter Ρρ)
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Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ③牙齿⑵内部⑴组织⑵构成⑶牙齿⑸内部结构⑴的⑵含⑵神经⑴和⑶血管⑴的⑸{柔}⑸软组织⑩
    The soft tissue forming the inner structure of a tooth and containing nerves and blood vessels.
  • ①她⑸长得⑷娇⑸{柔}⑵美丽⑩。
    She is delicate and pretty in person.
  • 歌喉美的具有轻歌音和适中音域的嗓音的
    Having a singing voice of light volume and modest range.
  • 她需要使请求语气婉,以便尽可能把它变成有礼貌与客气。
    She needed to soften her request to make it as polite and courteous as she could.
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