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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Bending and snapping back readily without breaking.
  2. Able to flex; able to bend easily.
  3. Capable of being changed.
  4. Making or willing to make concessions.
  5. Able to adjust readily to different conditions.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
灵活的línghuó denimble
灵活línghuóflexible; nimble; agile
圆通yuántōngflexible; accommodating
有弹性yǒu tánxìngflexible
活泛huófanflexible; adaptable
通融tōngróngflexible; to accommodate; to stretch or get around regulations; a short-term loan
松软sōngruǎnflexible; not rigid; spongy; soft or runny (not set hard); loose (soil)
mǐnrapid; flexible
伸缩shēnsuōto lengthen and shorten; flexible; adjustable; retractable; extensible; telescoping (collapsible)
动Ldònglflowing; flexible; lively (Internet slang)
róusoft; flexible; supple; yielding; rho (Greek letter Ρρ)
机变jībiànimprovisation; flexible; adaptable; pragmatic
变通biàntōngpragmatic; flexible; to act differently in different situations; to accommodate to circumstances
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