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English Definitionto lose face; humiliation
Simplified Script丢脸
Traditional Script丟臉
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (动宾式) verb object
Sample Sentences
  • ①他⑸{丢脸}⑴了⑩。
    He lost face.
  • ②如果⑴老师⑵连⑶如此⑴简单⑴的⑴问题⑴都⑸不能⑴回答⑩,①他⑴会⑴在⑴学生⑵面前⑸{丢脸}⑴的⑩。
    If a teacher can't answer this simple question, he'll lose face with his class.
  • 你真丢脸
    Shame on you.
  • 你的行为使全班的人丢脸
    What you did brought disgrace on the whole class.
  • 我父亲很穷并不让我觉得丢脸
    I'm not ashamed of my father being poor.
  • 他在餐厅里大吃大喝,真丢脸
    He made a real pig of himself at the restaurant.
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