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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. A violent throw.
  2. The act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel.
  3. The act of throwing dice.
  4. Object formed by a mold.
  5. Bandage consisting of a firm covering (often made of plaster of Paris) that immobilizes broken bones while they heal.
  6. Container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens.
  7. The visual appearance of something or someone.
  8. The actors in a play.
  9. The distinctive form in which a thing is made.
(动) As a verb
  1. Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.
  2. Formulate in a particular style or language.
  3. Choose at random.
  4. Throw forcefully.
  5. Get rid of.
  6. Put or send forth.
  7. Form by pouring (e.g., wax or hot metal) into a cast or mold.
  8. Select to play,sing, or dance a part in a play, movie, musical, opera, or ballet.
  9. Move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment.
  10. Deposit.
  11. Assign the roles of (a movie or a play) to actors.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (不及物的动) intransitive verb, (名) noun
Matching Results
演员阵容yǎnyuán zhènróngcast (of actors); performing lineup; dramatis personae
投掷tóuzhìto throw something a long distance; to hurl; to throw at; to throw (dice etc); to flip (a coin)
铸件zhùjiàncasting; foundry goods
预测yùcèto forecast; to predict
性质xìngzhì, xìngzhí (Tw)nature; characteristic
tóuto cast; to send; to throw oneself (into the river etc); to seek refuge; to place oneself into the hands of
zhì, zhí (Tw)to toss; to throw dice
pāoto throw; to toss; to fling; to cast; to abandon
脱落tuōluòto drop off; to come off; to lose (hair etc); to omit (a character when writing)
zhùto cast or found metals
弯曲wānqūto bend; to curve around; curved; crooked; to wind; to warp
计算jìsuànto count; to calculate; to compute
卡司kǎsī(acting) cast (loanword)
浇注jiāozhùto cast (metal)
浇铸jiāozhùto cast (molten metal); to mold
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