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YellowTipThe proliferation of pager, chat rooms, instant messaging, and phone text messaging has created a whole new set of acronyms and codes designed to minimize the amount of typing. First it was fairly simple acronyms like IMHO ("in my humble opinion") or AFAIK ("as far as I know'). Telephone and pagers, lacking a full keyboard required more inventive approaches such as using 07734 for "hello" (read upside down) or "10" for "you are perfect" (as in a perfect 10). Modern communications technologies, especially the cell phones, are if anything, more popular in Asia than in the West. So what do the Chinese use for codes? The Chinese language, not being alphabetic, does not lend itself to the use of acronyms. However, a few acronyms based on pinyin spellings do exist. Examples include GG for older brother (, gege) or MM for younger sister (, meimei).

Fortunately, long before the invention of the telephone, the Chinese already had a tradition of associating certain words with numbers or things based on the similarities of sound. For example, the number eight () is considered a lucky number because it is pronounced "ba", which sounds like the Chinese word for prosperity (, fa). Similarly, the number four () is associated with bad luck because it is pronounced "si", which sounds like the Chinese word for death (,si). Given this tradition, it should be no surprise that there is in fact a large number of numeric codes in existence. Most of the words are represented with numbers having a similar sound or a least a similar leading consonant. One notable exception is the number used to represent the word "you", the number 0. Although the Chinese word for zero does not sound much like like the word for "you", the choice may have resulted from the fact that there is no close-sounding candidate while the same number is used in English codes to represent the same meaning.

Code Chinese English
026 You are here
028 Come here
0358 You miss me
04551 You are the one and only for me
04592 You are my beloved
0564335 You think of me when you are bored
0594184 You and me for a lifetime
0654335 If you have nothing to do, think of me
08056 You ignore me now?
08358 Don't think of me
08376 Don't be angry
086 You made a fortune
0896 You are not leaving
095 You're looking for me
096 You are leaving
1299 Leave as soon as you arrive
12937 Thinking of eating as soon as you got here
12945 I'm the one who wants love
130926 Just one thought of you and you arrived
1314921 Love you for a lifetime
1372 One-sided willingness
1392010 You are the person I'll love for a lifetime
1573 Long-lasting, focused love (Chinese idiom)
1698 Let's go together
1799 Let's stroll around
20863 Love you till the next life
234 Follow you with love
246 Starving to death
246437 Love is so magical
25184 Love me for a lifetime
258 Love me
25873 Love me till death
259695 To love me is to know me
3207778 Want to go out with you
3344 For generations
338 Let's think about it a bit
3399 For a long time
35925 To think of me is to love me
360 Miss you
3726 Thinking of getting up
38726 I can't think of it
409 Punish you by your leaving
456 It's me
476 Dead phone
510 I'm already here
51020 I still love you
51131420 Love you for a lifetime
51396 I want to go to sleep now
51476 My phone is dead too
516 I have to go
517 I want to eat
5179 I want to drink wine
5196 I must leave now
520 I love you
5201314 I want you for a lifetime
52033 44587 I love for a lifetime with an unchanging heart
521 I'm willing
5240 You are my love
526 I'm hungry
530 I'm thinking of you
5366 I want to chat for awhile
53719 I still have deep love for you
5376 I'm upset
53770 I'm thinking of kissing you
53880 I'm thinking of hugging you
546 I lost
548 Are you OK?
555 Wu wu wu (sobbing sound)
558 Good afternoon
564335 Think of me when you are bored
5689 I can't sneak out
57520 My wife, I love you
5776 I'm going out now
58 Good night
5810 I won't listen to you
584520 I swear I love you
586 I'm not coming
587 I am sorry
5871 I don't mind
52667 Let's leave slowly
594230 I'm thinking of you
596 I'm leaving
667 Let's stroll around
6785753 Meet at the same old place and don't leave until we meet
6868 Sneak out! Sneak out!
70345 Please believe me
71817 Please don't get upset
721 Dear
7456 Angers me to death
745839 Actually, I don't want to leave
748 Go to hell
74839 Actually, not thinking of leaving
765 Go dancing
768 Let's eat
770 Kiss you
770880 Kiss you, hug you
775 Kiss me
775885 Kiss me, hug me
786 Done eating already
7998 Go for a walk
8006 Not paying attention to you anymore
801314 Your companion forever
8074 Upset you to death
809 Bowling
810 Shameless
812 Don't want to come
8170 Don't move recklessly
8172 Don't act recklessly
82475 Being loved is happiness
825 Don't love me
837 Don't be angry
865 Don't annoy me
885 Hug me
886 Bye Bye
898 Let's split
910 Just want you
918 Cheer up
940 It's you
9482 Just don't come
98 Good morning
987 Excuse me
99013 148875 Beg you for a lifetime not to leave me
9958 Save me