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As in all languages, tongue twisters are a fun tool for improving one's enunciation.

Chinese Translations

Ten stone lions. (A whole tongue twister essay can be found here).
西 Xi Shi died at 44.

Four is four.
ten is ten,
fourteen is fourteen,
forty is forty,
forty four is forty four,
at forty four one of the stone lions died

If eating grapes, don't spit out the grape skins.
If not eating grapes, spit out the grape skins

Atop a green mountain grows a vine.
under the green vine hangs a copper bell,
when the wind blows, the vine moves and the bell moves,
when the wind stops, the vine stops and the bell stops.


Pan and table,
the desktop has a pan,
inside the pan there's a bottle,
bang, bang, bang.
Is it the bottle hitting the pan
or the pan hitting the bottle?

Pear and mud,
atop the tree, there is a pear,
atop the ground, there is mud,
the wind knocks off the pear,
the pear falls to the ground,
the pears rolls on the mud,
the mud sticks to the pear.

The shoulder pole is long,
the bench is broad.
The shoulder pole is longer than the bench.
The bench is broader than the shoulder pole.
The shoulder pole is tied atop the bench;
the bench can't be tied atop the shoulder pole.
The shoulder pole simply must be tied atop the bench.



Bird Island is an island;
Bird Island has birds.
The birds on Bird Island are countless.
If you wish to go to Bird Island,
you must love birds.
If you don't love small birds,
don't go to Bird Island.