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Chinese dictionarySearch by Chinese text, pinyin, or English. Unique features include:
  • Talking dictionary lets you listen to words right from your computer.
  • Handwriting recognition. If you don't recognize a character, you can simply draw it with your mouse to search for it.
  • Fuzzy pinyin matches words even when you are unsure of the exact pronunciation.
  • Word and character decomposition, character etymology, and stroke order.
  • Lists related words that share the same head or tail word; derived words, and words with a similar pronunciation.
  • Sample sentences helps understand proper word usage.
character etymology
  • Our Etymology Explorer is the only web tool in that allows you to visually drill down to the components that comprise a character, one level at a time. View Sample.
  • Search by character components. Quickly find Chinese character with a specific structure (left/right, top/bottom, etc.) and component (even if the component is not a radicals).
flashcardsOur free flashcards are keyed to specific book series, such as "Integrated Chinese" and "New Practical Chinese Reader", to match your study programs.
Chinese memory game Inspired by the "Memory" type game but optimized for memorizing Chinese. Have fun trying to beat the clock while giving your vocabulary a workout.
Chinese annotatorWith YellowTip Chinese text annotator, you only have to move your mouse pounter over any word that you need help to see an instant word translation. You can annotate any text or webpage or see use one of our pre-annotated pages in our Online Reading Center, where you can:
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