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collage of language toolsUnique and innovative study aids to supplement any study program, including:
  • The web's most comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary and Thesaurus, the first one to feature both word and character decomposition.
    • Listen to words pronounced on your computer.
    • View sample sentences to really understand the use of a word in context.
    • Search for a character just by drawing it.
    • Quickly locate any character if you recognize any of its components.
    • Use fuzzy pinyin match to locate a word even if you are unsure of its pronunciation.
    • Find the most common related words for any word.
    • Check out our very cool Etymology Explorer.
  • Easiest to use Chinese Flashcards. Customized for some of the top textbooks, including Integrated Chinese and New Practical Chinese Reader. Other word lists available too.
  • Chinese Memory Game. A fun alternative to flashcards.
  • YellowTip popup word translation allows you to read Chinese text even if you don't know all of the words. Our new improved version will even let you annotate your own text or any webpage.
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