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  • True Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries with over 200,000 entries.
  • Designed for quick word exploration and understanding: thesaurus, word decomposition, sample sentences.
  • Desktop- and mobile-friendly with same URL (no Java or Flash needed).

Chinese searches

  • Chinese handwriting recognizer. Enter characters just by drawing them with the correct stroke order.
  • Stroke order animation. Sample. The headword on every page is now animated!
  • Your choice of simplified or traditional characters.
  • Wildcard matches for Chinese or pinyin (just enter * in place of zero or more Chinese characters or pinyin syllables).
  • Integrated with character dictionary and etymology.

English searches

  • Returns fewer, more relevant results compared to the competition.
  • Did you mean? suggestions for likely typos.
  • Words found even if entered in conjugated or plural forms.

All searches

  • Talking dictionary. Chinese on all browsers, English on Safari and Chrome.
  • Short phrases are parsed and the individual words translated.
  • Bilingual thesaurus provides synonyms, antonyms, and more!
  • Example sentences for both Chinese and English searches.
  • Sample result page for Chinese or English search.