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Dao De Jing [Tao Te Ching]

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Chapter 40

Dispensing with the Use (of Means)

Avoiding Activity / Avoiding Activity

  Original Legge's Translation Susuki's Translation Goddard's Translation
1 The movement of the Dao
By contraries proceeds;
And weakness marks the course
Of Dao's mighty deeds.
"Homeward is Reason's course,
Weakness is Reason's force."
Retirement is characteristic of Dao just as weakness appears to be a characteristic of its activity.
2 All things under heaven sprang from It as existing (and named);
that existence sprang from It as non-existent (and not named).
Heaven and earth and the ten thousand things come from existence, but existence comes from non-existence.
Heaven and earth and everything are produced from existence, but existence comes from nonexistence.
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