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Sun Zi's Art of War

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This 2,500 year-old book proves that while the weaponry has changed over time, the rules for successful warfare strategies have not. It is a surprisingly compact distillation of strategic principles that is still as useful today as it was when Sun Zi [Sun Tzu] first wrote it. Its principles were applied by the combatants of the "Three Kingdoms" period, Mao Tse-Tung, and the corporate warriors in the sales and marketing departments of today.

Notes on the Translation

The complete text of the Art of War is presented here with side-by-side translation. The English text of the translation is derived from the work of Lionel Giles (1910). (Source: Project Gutenberg)

To aid current bilingual readers, we have replaced the transliterated Chinese names from their original Wade-Giles form to their pinyin form.

Chapter Chinese Chapter Title
1 Laying Plans
2 Waging War
3 Attack by Stratagem
4 Tactical Dispositions
5 Energy
6 Weak Points and Strong
7 Maneuvering
8 Variation in Tactics
9 The Army on the March
10 Terrain
11 The Nine Situations
12 The Attack by Fire
13 The Use of Spies