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English Definitiondumpling; pot-sticker
Simplified Script饺子
Traditional Script餃子
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words,
Sample Sentences
  • ①在⑴中文⑵里面⑩,①{饺子}⑴和⑩“①交⑶子⑩”⑤谐音⑩,②因而⑵具有⑴丰富⑴的⑴文化⑸涵义⑩。
    In Chinese, 'dumpling' and 'first exchange' are homophones, so they have a rich cultural association.
  • ①我⑸很想⑴吃⑴{饺子}⑩。
    I feel like having some dumplings.
  • 我很想吃饺子
    I feel like having some dumplings.
  • 晚上我们去吃饺子,好吗?
    We're going out for dumplings in the evening, all right?
  • 饺子是年夜饭桌上必不可少的。
    Dumplings are essential at the New Year's Eve dinner table.
  • 说明年夜饭的饺子是亲人团聚的象征。
    This means that eating dumplings on New Year's eve is a symbol of family reunion.
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