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English Definition(prefix indicating ordinal number, e.g. first, number two etc); order; (old) rank in the imperial examinations; mansion; (lit.) but; just
Simplified Script
Traditional ScriptSame
Part of Speech(词头) prefix
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤希腊字母⑴的⑴{第}⑸六个⑶字母⑩
    The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • ①{第}⑸一排⑴的⑵座位⑩5②美元⑩。
    The charge for a front row seats is 5 dollars.
  • 他是倒数三个到的。
    He was the last but two to arrive.
  • 我在四十大街下了车。
    I got out of the car at 40th Street.
  • 二次世界大战尚未结束。
    The Second World War isn't over yet.
  • 她在一局里就被淘汰了。
    She was disqualified in the first round.
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