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English Definitionman; Han ethnic group; Chinese (language); the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
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  • ①希望⑴是⑶壮⑸{汉}⑵依靠⑴的⑴一⑴根⑸纤细⑴的⑸芦苇⑩。
    Hope is a slender reed for a stout man to lean on.
  • ①他⑶真是⑸贪吃⑴的⑸大肚⑸{汉}⑩。
    He's a real greedy guts.
  • 我准备到普㪟的苗圃去买些花草。
    I'm going to the nursery/nurseries in Hampton to buy some plants.
  • 雷先生,请坐。我给王先生办公室打个电话。
    Please take a seat, Mr. Henley, and I'll phone Mr. Wang's office.
  • 直到1790年第三次比赛时,他才最后打败弗莱斯,而成为英国的冠军。
    It was not until his third match in1790 that he finally beat Humphries and become Champion of England.
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