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English Definitionyounger brother; junior male; I (modest word in letter)
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Sample Sentences
  • ⑤汤姆⑴没⑴他⑸{弟}⑸有钱⑩。
    Tom has less money than his brother does.
  • ⑤该隐⑴对⑶其⑸{弟}⑸亚伯⑴的⑷嫉妒⑸之所以⑸更为⑷卑鄙⑸邪恶⑩,①就⑴因为⑸亚伯⑴的⑸供奉⑴被⑶上帝⑸悦纳⑷时⑵并⑴没有⑸旁人⑴看见⑩。
    Cain's envy was the more vile and malignant, towards his brother Abel, because when his sacrifice was better accepted, there was no body to look on.
  • 农民偶尔能犁出古老的印安人的遗物。
    Farmers occasionally ploughed out old Indian relics.
  • 嫡堂(或嫡表)兄(或姐,,妹)与他们共同的祖宗源自两个支系
    First cousins are two degrees from their common ancestor.
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