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English Definitiongrandson; descendant; (Chinese surname)
Simplified Script
Traditional Script
Part of Speech(名) noun
Sample Sentences
  • ①他⑸溺爱⑴自己⑴的⑸{孙}⑶辈⑩,②并且⑵满足⑸他们的⑴任何⑵想法⑩”
    He dotes on his grandchildren and indulges their every whim.
  • ⑤老爷爷⑴听说⑴他⑴的⑸{孙}⑷子{孙}⑸女们⑴要⑴来⑴他⑸家里⑸玩⑩,③简直⑴高兴⑸极了⑩。
    The old man became as cheerful as a lark when he heard that his grandchildren were coming for a visit.
  • 看到儿子及儿媳带着从未见过面的小们从澳大利亚回来时,老妇人欣喜若狂。
    The old lady was like a dog with two tails when her son and his wife came home from Australia with the grandchildren she's never seen before.
  • 我已经祝福了他,使他多子多,使他的后代繁衍兴旺。他会成为十二个王子之父,我要使他身后形成一个大邦。
    I will multiply his descendants; he shall be father of twelve princes, and I will raise a great nation from him.
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