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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. All of the offspring of a given progenitor.
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to learn; to practice or study (old)
zhòuhelmet; descendants
kūndescendant; older brother; a style of Chinese poetry
kūndescendant; older brother
yìndescendant; heir; offspring; posterity; to inherit
descendants; frontier
裔胄yìzhòudescendants; offspring
zhòu(same as ) descendants; posterity, a helmet; a head-gear in ancient battles for protection
sūngrandson; descendant; (Chinese surname)
后嗣hòusìheir; descendant; posterity
苗裔miáoyìoffspring; descendant; progeny
传人chuánrénto teach; to impart; a disciple; descendant
shìlife; age; generation; era; world; lifetime; epoch; descendant; noble; (Chinese surname)
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