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English Definitionto wait; to inquire after; to watch; season; climate; (old) period of five days
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Sample Sentences
  • ①最⑸惹人⑸注⑵目的⑸顽固分子⑸乃是⑸约旦国王⑸{候}⑵赛⑷因⑩。①他⑴最近⑴表示⑸不再⑷过问⑩[⑤约旦河⑩]⑤西岸⑶之⑴事⑩,①现在⑴同意⑩[①参加⑸中东和平⑴的⑴努力⑩]。
    The conspicuous holdout was Jordan's King Hussein, who, by his latest gesture of washing his hands of the West Bank, is now coming along.
  • ②作为⑶秘书⑩,①她⑵有时⑷不得⑸不小心地⑵待⑸{候}⑴她⑴的⑵老板⑩。
    As a secretary, she sometimes has to dance attendance on her boss.
  • 无线电高空测器一种被带到高空(主要由气球)进行气象数据收集和传送的仪器
    An instrument carried aloft, chiefly by balloon, to gather and transmit meteorological data.
  • 你可以试一试。如果你打算今天下午进城,你会发现你在对自己说:“我今天下午我要进趟城。”
    If you are planning to go down town this afternoon you will find that you are saying to yourself: "I think I will go down town this afternoon."
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