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English Definitioncan; to be possible; to be able to; will; to be likely to; to be sure to
See alsokuài to balance an account; accountancy; accounting
huì to assemble; to meet; to gather; to see; union; group; association; a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [hui3])
Simplified Script
Traditional Script
Part of Speech(名) noun, (形) adjective, (副) adverb, (助动) auxiliary verb
Measure Words
Sample Sentences
  • ①我⑴{会}⑴等⑩。
    I will wait.
  • ②鸟⑴{会}⑴飞⑩。
    A bird can fly.
  • 来的。
    He will come.
  • 做饭。
    I can cook.
  • 失败。
    You will fail.
  • 做的。
    I will do it.
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