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Michael Chang

b. 1972, Hoboken, NJ

Champion tennis player.  First started competing at age 15, breaking many"youngest player" records. In 1989, at the age of 17, he became the first american male to win the French Open since 1955. He is the first and only Asian player in the top 10 world rankings. Chang will be retiring from tennis in 2003, at the end of his seventeenth US Open.

Chen Lu

b. 1976, Jilin
[Chinese citizen] World champion skater.  In 1992, she was the first Chinese skater to compete at the Olympics, placing sixth (not bad for a first try!). She won the 1995 World Championship. She won bronze medals in the 1994 and 1998 Olympics. She toured professionally in the US before returning to China.
Tiffany Chin

b. 1968, Oakland, CA
Figure skater known for her athleticism and artistry. She was the youngest American to win the World Junior Championship at age 12. She was the 1985 US ladies National Champion. She won bronze medals at the 1985 and 1986 World Championships and competed in the 1984 Olympics, placing fourth. After turning professional, she earned a second place in the World Professional Championship. She has starred and toured in professional live and TV shows and began a coaching career.
Amy Chow

b. 1978, San Jose, CA
Gymnast. She was the first Asian-American member of the US gymnastics team. At the 1996 Olympics, she was one of the "Magnificent Seven" that won a gold medal in the team competition.  She also won a silver medal in individual competition for uneven bars, her favorite apparatus. There are two moves named after her, the Chow and the Chow Two .  Amy is currently a student at Stanford University and hopes to become a pediatrician.
Michelle Kwan

b. 1980, Torrance, CA

World-renowned figure skating champion of unmatched artistry.  She won the World Championship five times, only the second American to do so (Carol Heiss was the first, 43 years earlier). She won the US national title seven times. She won the silver medal at the 1998 Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2002 Olympics. She was named one of People's Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" in 2000.

Yao Ming

b. 1980, Shanghai
[Chinese citizen] Basketball player . An agile player in spite of his 7'5" height, Yao was named to China's National Team at 18. He played in the 2000 Olympics and helped China win the 2001 Asian Basketball Championship. He played professionally for the Shanghai Sharks. Yao was the first draft pick for the Houston Rockets, becoming the first number one pick to come from outside the US and only the third Chinese player in the NBA. In the 2002-03 season he posted the highest field goal performance in the NBA, making 31 of his 35 shots over a six-game period. In addition to his on-the-court performance, Yao has become very popular because of his friendly and easy going demeanor.