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  Title Mini Review
The Rice-Sprout Song: A Novel of Modern China
Written by Chang Ailing
University of California Press, 1980
182 pages
The Rouge of the North
Written by Chang Ailing
University of California Press, 1998
185 pages
  The Drowning of an Old Cat and Other Stories
Written by Huang Chun-Ming
Indiana University Press, 1980
The Taste of Apples
Written by Huang Chun-Ming
Translated by Howard Goldblatt
Columbia University Press, 2001
Farewell My Concubine
Written by Lilian Lee (Bihua Li)
Harper Collins, 1994
272 pages
Taiwan-born bestselling author Lilian Lee wrote this novel about two boys who grow up as part of a Peking Opera troupe in the 1930s. Douzi, the younger boy,  is trained to sing the female roles while Shitou, his friend and protector, is trained to sing the female roles.  Eventually they achieve fame for themselves but suffer endlessly as yet another victim of the times: the Japanese invasion, the Chinese civil war, and the Cultural Revolution.
Wild Kids: Two Novels About Growing Up
Chang Ta Chun
Columbia University Press, 2002
280 pages
Two novellas by one of Taiwan's leading authors, both of which deal with rebellious teenagers growing up beyond the control of their parents. The first story, called "My Kid Sister" deals with the narrator's sister getting an abortion.  In the second story, "Wild Child", a fourteen year old boy runs away from home and joins the underworld.
The Butcher's Wife
Written by Li Ang (1952-)
Translated by Howard Goldblatt
Peter Owen Ltd, 2003
142 pages
Li Ang, a Taiwan-born author, wrote this novel in 1983. The heroine of the story, Lin Shin, marries a pig butcher in a small Taiwanese town to escape poverty. He turns out to be a sadistic male who rapes and abuses her constantly. One day she decides to take charge and murders him.
Crystal Boys
Written by Pai Hsien-Yung
Translated by Howard Goldblatt
Gay Sunshine Press
  Taipei People
Written by Pai Hsien-Yun
Chinese University Press, 2000
  Bamboo Shoots After the Rain: Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of Taiwan
Edited by Ann C. Carver
The Feminist Press at CUNY, 1991
232 pages
  Angelwings: Contemporary Queer Fiction From Taiwan
Translated by Fran Martin
University of Hawaii Press, 2003
240 pages