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YellowBridge Login and Subscription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Subscription Sign-up Process

Do I have to use Paypal to subscribe?

Yes, because Paypal manages our subscription process and thus ensures the integrity of the transaction. We do not currently have an alternate payment system.

Paypal is not accepting my credit card. Please help.

If you have any problem with Paypal accepting your credit card or any banking information, please contact your Paypal Customer Support directly. We can't help you because we do not actually handle nor have access to any of your credit information.

After filling the payment form, I keep getting the following message "Your payment session has expired. To complete this transaction, you will need to enter your information again."

This message is caused by your browser not accepting the Paypal cookie. If your browser is currently set to disable cookies for security reasons, simply enable cookies to complete the transaction and disable cookies again afterwards. Alternately, you can add to the list of sites whose cookies you'll accept. Please note that in order to sign in into the YellowBridge site, your browser will also have to accept cookies. The easiest way to do that in Internet Explorer is to set the privacy setting to Medium.

How I enable cookies for my browser?

How to enable cookies in your IE browser:

How to enable cookies in your Mozilla/Firefox browser:

How to enable cookies in your Safari browser:

I subscribed via Paypal successfully but never got my User ID and Password.

You normally will get a confirmation e-mail from Paypal that will list your new username and password. If you do not get such an e-mail within half an hour of registering, please check your spam box. If you don't find it there, you can always retrieve the original username and password them by sign-in to your Paypal account.

Can I share a subscription with somebody else?

No. The subscription pricing and features are strictly designed for one person's use in mind. Attempting to share a single subscription will in fact create potential usage problems.

The password I received from Paypal or from the YellowBridge password reset page does not work

This is almost certainly technically impossible. It is most likely because you misinterpreted one of the password characters. Please use copy/paste to avoid any such possibilities.

Subscription Termination Process

How will I stop the subscription?

We currently offer two subscription options. One-time subscriptions and recurring subscriptions. One-time subscriptions simply end at the end of the six month period and therefore do not need to be cancelled. Recurring subscriptions renew themselves automatically every six months at the same rate that was in effect at the time you originally signed up until cancelled by you. The recurring membership is for users who expect to be members for at least a year so if you do not expect to be a member for that long, it is best to go with the one-time membership. Should you wish to cancel, sign in to your Paypal account and cancel your YellowBridge subscription from there. Even if you cancel right away, your subscription is good until the end of the current 6-month cycle. We do not offer refunds in cases where you forget to cancel your subscription in time.

PLEASE do not send us e-mail asking us to cancel a recurring subscription for you as we do not have sufficient resources to do so. Your cooperation will help keep our overhead low thus helping us provide maximum benefit for all of our users.

My subscription has been cancelled but I did not intended it to. How can I resume my subscription?

Most subscription that are unintentionally cancelled are the result of your credit card information not being current (e.g. your credit card on record has an expired expiration date). Paypal will normally notify you via your e-mail on record prior to the cancellation. If your subscription is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, you prior subscription cannot be resumed. No personalized data that you had on your old ID can be recovered as they are deleted instantly when your subscription is cancelled. If you'd like to be a subscriber again, simply sign up again as a new subscriber.

I forgot to cancel my subscription. Can I get a refund?

The short answer is no. As soon as you know that you don't want your subscription to extend beyond the current six-month period, simply cancel your subscription right away. Your login will continue to work until the last day of the current six-month period. If there are extenuating circumstances, please write us at but under no situation, should you dispute the charge with your credit card company. In the past, some users have attempted to get a refund anyway by asking their credit card to reverse the charges. Initially, we allowed such reversals to occur as a sign of goodwill but some credit card companies subsequently charged us a substantial penalty fee because the reversed charges look like an attempt to cheat a customer. Hence, we not only lose the subscription fee, but in addition have to pay a penalty fee that is as large as the subscription fee itself and hurt our reputation. Therefore, we now have no choice but to vigorously contest any such reversal attempts.

How come the webpage suddenly shows me as having signed out even though I did not explicitly do so?

A session that starts with a sign-in normally lasts until you explicitly sign off or close the window. If you use the "Remember me on this computer" feature, you will be signed-on automatically the next time you visit our site. However, there are two situation that will immediately terminate a session.

To prevent either of the above from occurring, simply use the same browser when you access our website and do not share your access information with anyone else.


There are times when I sign in but YellowBridge returns me a page as not being signed in. What's going on?

You are most likely using Mozilla Firefox, which occasionally shows you a cached page instead of returning you a new page. Simply hit Reload and the new page will be displayed.

Why do some pages still show advertisements even though I am signed in?

We turn off all advertisements that we have direct control of. However, some pages are shown in cooperation with third parties and the ads are shown on their behalf. YellowBridge does not benefit financially from such ads but this arrangement makes it possible to enrich our content without substantially increasing our costs.

If your question is not answered above, please let us know at