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Part of Speech(代) pronoun, (名) noun
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you (informal, as opposed to courteous )
你们nǐmenyou (plural)
一个人yīgè rénby oneself (without assistance); alone (without company)
任何人rènhé rénanybody; anyone
nǎiyou (dialect)
nóngyou (Wu dialect); I, me (classical)
台端táiduānyou (in a formal letter)
You; Thou (of deity); variant of
足下zúxiàyou (used to a superior or between persons of the same generation); below the foot
你我他nǐwǒ tāyou, me and him
您们nínmenyou; all of you
你我她nǐwǒ tāyou, me and her
you (female); variant of
tái(classical) you (in letters); variant of ; Taiwan (abbr.); (Chinese surname)
nínyou (courteous, as opposed to informal )
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