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Part of Speech(代) pronoun
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我们wǒmenwe; us; ourselves; our
吾人wúrén(literary) we; us
吾等wúděng(literary) we; us
吾辈wúbèi(literary) we; us
我等wǒděngwe; us (archaic)
我辈wǒbèi(literary) we; us
我方wǒfāngour side; we
zhènI; we (imperial use); subtle
zánI or me; we (including both the speaker and the person spoken to)
(dialect) I; my; we; our
你我nǐwǒyou and I; everyone; all of us (in society); we (people in general)
咱家zánjiāI; me; we; my home; our house
阿拉ālā(dialect) my; our; I; we; me; us; Allah (Arabic name of God)
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