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to wash (dialect)
洗刷xǐshuāwash; brush; scrub
洗濯xǐzhuóto wash; to cleanse; to launder
píngwash; bleach (fabric)
huànto wash; to rinse; any of three 10-day division of the month (during Tang dynasty)
浣洗huànxǐto wash (clothes)
浣涤huàndíto wash; to rinse
浣濯huànzhuóto wash; to rinse
táoto wash; to clean out; to cleanse; to eliminate; to dredge
淘洗táoxǐto wash
清洗qīngxǐto wash; to clean; to purge
xuànwash (color)
jiānto wash; to redress (a wrong); name of a river
湔洗jiānxǐto wash
湔涤jiāndíto wash
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