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见解jiànjiěopinion; view; understanding
景致jǐngzhìview; scenery; scene
观览guānlǎnto view; to look at; to look something over
收视shōushìto view
收看shōukànto view; to watch TV; to receive TV channels
zhānto gaze; to view
见地jiàndìopinion; view; insight
lǎnto look at; to view; to read
观瞻guānzhānappearance; view; abiding impression
认作rènzuòto regard as; to view; to consider something as; to treat as
论调lùndiàoargument; view (sometimes derogatory)
biāoto give an angry look, to watch; to view
心目xīnmùmind; view
风光fēngguāngscene; view; sight; landscape; to be well-regarded; to be well-off; grand (dialect); impressive (dialect)
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