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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Not clearly understood or expressed.
  2. Not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished.
  3. Lacking clarity or distinctness.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
含糊hánhuambiguous; vague; careless; perfunctory
不清楚bù qīngchuunclear; not understood; currently unknown
茫然mángránblankly; vacantly; at a loss
含混hánhùnvague; unclear; ambiguous
méngvague; ambiguous; dim; hazy, mane
暧昧àimèivague; ambiguous; equivocal; dubious
隐约yǐnyuēvague; faint; indistinct
模糊móhuvague; indistinct; fuzzy
糊里糊涂hūlǐ hútuconfused; vague; indistinct; muddle-headed; mixed up; in a daze
yùnhemp; vague; mysterious
yùnvariant of U+7E15, tangled hemp, raveled silk; vague, confused
含含糊糊hán hán húhu(of speech) obscure; unclear; (of actions) vague; ineffectual
浮泛fúfànto float about; (of a feeling) to show on the face; (of speech, friendship etc) shallow; vague
浅淡qiǎndànlight (color); pale; vague (feeling)
渺茫miǎománguncertain; remote; distant and indistinct; vague
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