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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Awkwardly simple and provincial.
  2. Lacking complexity.
  3. Not wise in the ways of the world.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
单纯dānchúnsimple; pure; unsophisticated; merely; purely
纯洁chúnjiépure; clean and honest; to purify
土里土气tǔ lǐ tǔqìunsophisticated; rustic; uncouth
不谙世故bù ān shìgùunworldly; unsophisticated
年少无知niánshào wúzhīyoung and inexperienced; unsophisticated
淳朴chúnpǔsimple and honest; unsophisticated; guileless
浑厚húnhòusimple and honest; unsophisticated; (music etc) deep and resounding
土气tǔqìrustic; uncouth; unsophisticated
土头土脑tǔ tóu tǔ nǎorustic; uncouth; unsophisticated
木讷mùnèwooden and slow of speech; slow-speeched; inarticulate; unsophisticated
涉世未深shèshì wèi shēnunpracticed; inexperienced; naive; unsophisticated
粗陋cūlòucrude; coarse; unsophisticated; shallow
素朴sùpǔsimple; unadorned; unsophisticated; naive
乡气xiāngqìrustic; uncouth; unsophisticated
质朴zhìpǔsimple; plain; unadorned; unaffected; unsophisticated; rustic; earthy
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