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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Beyond normal limits.
  2. Not reasonable; not showing good judgment.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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不合理bùhé lǐunreasonable
过度guòdùexcessive; over-; excess; going too far; extravagant; intemperate; overdue
不切实际bù qiè shíjìunrealistic; impractical
不象话bùxiàng huàunreasonable; shocking; outrageous; also written 不像话
unreasonable; violent
鸭霸yābà(Tw) unreasonable; overbearing; with no regard for others
unreasonable, to distribute; to make known; to circulate, book cover; book jacket, letter; correspondence
不像话bù xiànghuàunreasonable; shocking; outrageous
不可理喻bùkě lǐyùto be impervious to reason (idiom); unreasonable
不近人情bù jìn rénqíngnot amenable to reason; unreasonable
乖张guāizhāngrecalcitrant; unreasonable; peevish
perverse; unreasonable; absurd
矫情jiáoqing(Beijing dialect) argumentative; unreasonable
无理wúlǐirrational; unreasonable
难缠nánchán(usu. of people) difficult; demanding; troublesome; unreasonable; hard to deal with
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