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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Highly unusual or rare but not the single instance.
  2. Radically distinctive and without equal.
  3. Applying exclusively to a given category or condition or locality.
  4. The single one of its kind.
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (名) noun
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独一无二dúyī wú èrunique and unmatched (idiom); unrivalled; nothing compares with it
独特dútèunique; distinct; having special characteristics
稀罕xīhan, xīhǎn (Tw)rare; uncommon; rarity; to value as a rarity; to cherish
绝世juéshìunique; exceptional
空前绝后后kōngqián jué hòu hòuunique; unequaled
shūdifferent; unique; special; very; (classical) to behead; to die; to cut off; to separate; to surpass
特制tèzhìspecial; unique
独一dúyīonly; unique
别致biézhìunusual; unique
special; unique; distinguished; especially; unusual; very
无双wúshuāngincomparable; matchless; unique
特异tèyìexceptionally good; excellent; clearly outstanding; distinctive; peculiar; unique
guàto hinder; to offend; to form; unique
举世无双jǔshì wúshuāngunrivaled (idiom); world number one; unique; unequaled
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