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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Being the last or concluding element of a series.
  2. Furthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme.
(名) As a noun
  1. The finest or most superior quality of its kind.
Part of Speech(形) adjective, (名) noun
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终极zhōngjíultimate; final
根本gēnběnfundamental; basic; root; simply; absolutely (not); (not) at all
顶点dǐngdiǎnsummit; peak; (math.) vertex
基本原理jīběn yuánlǐfundamental principle
极限jíxiànlimit; extreme boundary
最远zuìyuǎnfurthest; most distant; at maximum distance
最后zuìhòufinal; last; finally; ultimate
最大zuìdàbiggest; largest; maximum
最终zuìzhōngfinal; ultimate
极致jízhìpeak; pinnacle; ultimate
绝赞juézànamazing; awesome; ultimate
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