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fānto turn over; to flip over; to overturn; to rummage through; to translate; to decode; to double; to climb over or into; to cross
掉向diàoxiàngto turn; to adjust one's direction; to lose one's bearings
拨转bōzhuǎnto turn; to turn around; to transfer (funds etc)
to turn
niǔto turn; to wrench; button; nu (Greek letter Νν)
转捩zhuǎnlièto turn
拐来guǎiláito turn
gǔnto turn; to shift; to move
转弯zhuǎnwānto turn; to go around a corner
niǔto turn; to twist; to wring; to sprain; to swing one's hips
guǎito turn (a corner etc); to kidnap; to swindle; to misappropriate; walking stick; crutch; seven (used as a substitute for )
zhuǎnto turn; to change direction; to transfer; to forward (mail)
弯子wānzibend; turn; curve
翻动fāndòngto flip over; to turn (a page); to scroll (an electronic document); to stir (food in a pot etc); to move things about; to rummage
wǎn(same as ) bends; turns; curves; turns and twists, to circle; to hover around, a name for the earthworm
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