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(名) As a noun
  1. Soldiers collectively.
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部队bùduìarmy; armed forces; troops; force; unit
戎行rónghángtroops; military affairs
结队jiéduìto troop (of soldiers etc); convoy
麾下huīxiàtroops; subordinates; (honorific appellation for a general)
兵卒bīngzúsoldiers; troops
兵员bīngyuánsoldiers; troops
队伍duìwǔranks; troops; queue; line; procession
军队jūnduìarmy; troops
人马rénmǎmen and horses; troops; group of people; troop; staff; centaur
兵力bīnglìmilitary strength; armed forces; troops
shīteacher; master; expert; model; army division; (old) troops; to dispatch troops; (Chinese surname)
ministry; department; section; part; division; troops; board; measure word for works of literature, films, machines, etc.
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