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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Thin and fit.
  2. Severely simple in line or design.
  3. Neat and smart in appearance.
  4. Of places; characterized by order and neatness; free from disorder.
(名) As a noun
  1. Cutting down to the desired size or shape.
  2. A decoration or adornment on a garment.
  3. Attitude of an aircraft in flight when allowed to take its own orientation.
  4. A state of arrangement or appearance.
(动) As a verb
  1. Adjust (sails on a ship) so that the wind is optimally used.
  2. Cut down on; make a reduction in.
  3. Cut closely.
  4. Remove the edges from and cut down to the desired size.
  5. Cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of.
  6. Decorate (food) , as with parsley or other ornamental foods.
  7. Decorate, as with ornaments.
  8. Be in equilibrium during a flight.
  9. Balance in flight by regulating the control surfaces.
Part of Speech(副) adverb, (及物的动) transitive verb, (名) noun, (形) adjective
Matching Results
整齐zhěngqíorderly; neat; even; tidy
装饰zhuāngshìto decorate; decoration; decorative; ornamental
修剪xiūjiǎnto prune; to trim
整理zhěnglǐto arrange; to tidy up; to sort out; to straighten out; to list systematically; to collate (data, files); to pack (luggage)
见风使舵jiàn fēng shǐ duòlit. see the wind and set the helm (idiom); fig. to act pragmatically; to be flexible and take advantage of the situation
wánto trim
沿边儿yánbiānrto trim (border with braid, tape etc)
剪裁jiǎncáito tailor (clothes); to trim (expenditure)
截尾jiéwěito dock; to trim (esp. the tail of an animal)
裁切cáiqiēto crop; to trim
wán(same as ) a round off; to trim
修整xiūzhěngto spruce up; to renovate; to tend (a garden); to groom (one's hair); to finish (a rough surface); to trim (a lawn); to touch up (a photo)
剪掉jiǎndiàoto cut off; to cut away; to trim
笔挺bǐtǐng(standing) very straight; straight as a ramrod; bolt upright; well-ironed; trim
juéto select; to choose; to pick out, to lift; to carry on the shoulders -- of two or more men, to wipe out, to brush over lightly, to carry; to take or bring along at one's convenience, to cut; to par; to trim; to shave
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