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English Definition
(副) As an adverb
  1. To a complete degree or to the full or entire extent.
Part of Speech(副) adverb
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百分之一百bǎifēnzhī yībǎione hundred percent; totally (effective)
百分百bǎifēn bǎione hundred percent; totally (effective)
总体zǒngtǐcompletely; totally; total; entire; overall; population (statistics)
活活huóhuówhile still alive; simply; totally
shǎnuncertain; not yet settled, irregular, to raise one's hands, to exhaust; to use up, to complete; to finish, all; entirely; totally; completely
jìn(standard form of ) to exhaust; to complete; to finish; all; totally
完全wánquáncomplete; whole; totally; entirely
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