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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Very small.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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极小jíxiǎominimal; extremely small
微小wēixiǎo, wéixiǎo (Tw)minute (i.e. extremely small); infinitesimal
wēi, wéi (Tw)tiny; miniature; slightly; profound; abtruse; to decline; one millionth part of; micro-; (Chinese surname); ancient Chinese state near present day Chongqing
小不点xiǎo bù diǎntiny; very small; tiny thing; small child; baby
几微jīwēitiny; infinitesimal
微末wēimòtiny; negligible
细微xìwēitiny; minute; fine; subtle; sensitive (instruments)
tiny; insignificant
细小xìxiǎotiny; fine; minute
戋戋jiānjiānsmall; tiny
微渺wēimiǎoinsignificant; tiny
渺小miǎoxiǎominute; tiny; negligible; insignificant
xiǎosmall; tiny; few; young
yāoyoungest; most junior; tiny; one (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers, esp. on telephone or in military); one or ace on dice or dominoes; variant of , to shout; (Chinese surname)
孑孑jiéjiéoutstanding; conspicuous; prominent; tiny
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