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思维sīwéi(line of) thought; thinking
心劲xīnjìnthoughts; what one has in one's heart
lóngthought; idea; sentiment, intention, expectation, meaning
心声xīnshēngthoughts; feelings; aspirations; heartfelt wishes; inner voice
念头niàntouthought; idea; intention
思想sīxiǎngthought; thinking; idea; ideology
意念yìniànidea; thought
心头xīntóuheart; thoughts; mind
心思xīnsimind; thoughts; inclination; mood
观念guānniànnotion; thought; concept; sense; views; ideology; general impressions
idea; meaning; thought; to think; wish; desire; intention; to expect; to anticipate; Italy; Italian; abbr. for 意大利
feelings; opinion; thoughts
心灵xīnlíngbright; smart; quick-witted; heart; thoughts; spirit
感想gǎnxiǎngimpressions; reflections; thoughts
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