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Part of Speech(副) adverb
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于是yúshìthereupon; as a result; consequently; thus; hence
因此yīncǐthus; consequently; as a result
在那上面zài nà shàngmianwhereon
随之suízhīthereupon; subsequently; accordingly
not; thereupon
cannot; thereupon
yuántherefore; consequently; thus; hence; thereupon; it follows that; where?; to change (into); ancient unit of weight and money; (Chinese surname)
suìto satisfy; to succeed; then; thereupon; finally; unexpectedly; to proceed; to reach
nǎito be; thus; so; therefore; then; only; thereupon
立刻lìkèforthwith; immediate; prompt; promptly; straightway; thereupon; at once
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