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English Definition
(副) As an adverb
  1. Therefore.
  2. Therefore.
Part of Speech(连) conjunction
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因此yīncǐthus; consequently; as a result
所以suǒyǐtherefore; as a result; so; the reason why
yuántherefore; consequently; thus; hence; thereupon; it follows that; where?; to change (into); ancient unit of weight and money; (Chinese surname)
于是乎yúshì hūtherefore
是以shìyǐtherefore; thus; so
是故shìgùtherefore; so; consequently
因而yīn'értherefore; as a result; thus; and as a result, ...
nǎito be; thus; so; therefore; then; only; thereupon
happening; instance; reason; cause; intentional; former; old; friend; therefore; hence; (of people) to die, dead
yòngto use; to employ; to have to; to eat or drink; expense or outlay; usefulness; hence; therefore
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