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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Pleasing to the sense of taste.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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好吃hàochīto be fond of eating; to be gluttonous
好吃hǎochītasty; delicious
可口kěkǒutasty; to taste good
入味rùwèitasty; to be absorbed in something; interesting
好喝hǎohētasty (drinks)
对味儿duì wèirtasty; to one's liking
对胃口duì wèikǒuto one's taste; tasty; fig. something one enjoys
美味可口měiwèi kěkǒudelicious; tasty
鲜美xiānměidelicious; tasty
jǐnto drink; refreshment; to have a little drink sweet, delicious; tasty
xiānfresh; bright (in color); delicious; tasty; delicacy; aquatic foods
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